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Patch 1.7.0 - September 2021

PATCH 1.7.0

Released: September 2nd 2021

Patch 1.7.0 is mainly a rebalance and EXP revision from patch 1.6.8, Most changes are focused on adjusting perks and permissions.
There are still some planned changes to come in the next patch. 


> MOTD Trigger Time Lowered - Will show more often in the discord.
> New Weekly Feature system 
--> New Role Weekly Feature
> Removed Daily Features
> Featured Member time frame extended. Will now last 3 weeks.
> Private Voice will now respond to command requests in cmd-central channel only
> No EXP Loss for inactivity. Levels only Increase!
> Base Activity EXP lowered by 50%.


> Tournament Roles have been removed. There will be no Tournaments this year, instead we will focus on Community Events.
> Partner Roles will be Highlighted over Other Platform roles.


> Level Perk Adjustments
Level 5 Access promotions Channels.
Level 10  Access Live Now System.
Level 20 & Nitro Access Private Voice System.
Rank 1 Custom SF emote, 2x Chat Exp.
Rank 2 Custom personal emote, 2x Boost Exp.
Rank 3 Added to SF Champions List in the discord and website.
Rank 4  To be Determined.
Rank 5 Custom Creator Channel and Role in the Discord & Link Posting allowed server wide.


> Rank 2 Now Receives a permanent 2x exp to all boosting
> New weekly feature system gives 25% boost to all support for that user for 3 days.


> All submissions now receive 1000 EXP.
> Top 10 votes now win over 25,000 EXP


> No Changes

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