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Warzone Quad Split Kill Race - Win $50

 PanicKode   24 May 2021 : 13:03

Warzone SP KR June 2021

Introducing the SF COD: Warzone Quad Split Kill Race Tournament

Date: June 3rd/2021
Signup: Solo Sign up
Prize: 1st - $50 , 2nd / 3rd - Exp Boost

Welcome Everyone to the Next Warzone Tournament, 
We will be competing in the head to head Kill race with other members of the community!
First Place will win $50!!!!!

What is Quad Split:
Quad Split is a head to head skill race in open lobbies, You que up in a squad of 4 but once you enter the game you will be going head to head in the battle field to race to the end to get the most kills.
the team with the most kills at the end of 2 games wins the round, They will move on to the next game and the losing team will be eliminated!
1) Play fair, no cheating or using 3rd party software
2) Players must submit a photo at the end of each round showing the leaderboard and current time/date
3) No Helping your Competitors. No reviving, no supporting with ammo or supplies, do no intervene in battles.
4) Do not Hinder or interfere with your competitors, no kill stealing, griefing, etc.
5) Kill Scores Still Count if Team is eliminated
How to Register:
To Register for the Event you must be in the discord server.
1) Please join the -> Discord <-
2) Visit the Event Registration Channel
3) Submit your Registration There
Contact Information:
PanicKode | SF CDO | -email-
RabbleRods | SF CEO | -email-