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COTW Winner Week 22 - Kierans_Sure


"got some recent highlights ❤️" - Kierans_Sure

Support Day Newsletter Week 22


It has been a great week at Support Force. We would like to welcome all the new members from last week, Thank you all for joining the SF Fam!
We have had a break from events this week with the Warzone Kill race being pushed back. We still don't have enough signups and are asking you in the community to reach out to find some competitors. Remember $50 up for grabs!
This weekend we will be running our 2nd Double Chatting Weekend, And its here to stay. One weekend of the month will be running the 2x Exp Chatting Event!

Next week we have events and podcasts back to the channel and hope to see you all there!



Double Chat Exp Weekend - May 29 & 30
Earn 2x the normal Exp for Chatting this weekend! Talk with your friends, Discuss new games or tech and earn more EXP!

Boost Day - June 1st
Boost Day Is coming, Every month on the first we reward our Recruiters, Nitro Boosters, Draw the Lottery and more!
100,000+ Exp for the grabs!

Warzone Kill Race - June 3rd
The Warzone Kill Race is planned for June 3rd! Sign up today or Read More Here

The Featured Podcast will be next week, Stay tuned for Time in the Monday Newsletter!
Remember Fam! Its Support Day, and the Official Support Force Twitter will be retweeting all of your content!! Remember to Tag @Sup_Force!
Thank you all for all the amazing Support this Week So Far! Have an amazing weekend and don’t forget to #Support The Support!

SF Newsletter Week 22

 PanicKode   24 May 2021 : 16:00
Welcome Everyone to another amazing Monday!!!
We hope you are all doing well and excited to get into the work week!
Today we have a new Featured Member and Featured Platform, As well as some more detail on the upcoming Warzone Tournament.
Lets get into the news!
SF Love 112

COD:WZ Quad Kill Race has officially been announced today with competition, prize and registration details. Were excited to see who is going to take home the prize!
The tournament will begin on Jun.3/2021 so make sure to get signed up today!

More Details -> Here <-

Creator Channels Are Officially Here! With more and more members reaching higher and higher ranks it is time to officially announce Creator Channels.
These channels are awarded for reaching rank 5 in the server and will give those creators a custom channel and role that they can use as they wish!
Check them out soon in the Role Request Channel!

Congratulations on your Custom Channels TheWolfsRealm && RDxVash!!!!!!!


Support Our Facebook Creators this week to earn an extra 25% boost!
Icons8 Facebook Old 48
COTW Winners

1. KiddyWhale
2. LadyBrilliant
3. Panic
4. SamYT
5. Bingel
6. !FeastGamer69
SOTW Winners

1. prohunter6189
2. KaylayCreates {twittiger}
3. makeupbymaireena
4. Jezziebunzz
5. TheStarDM
6. Vericur
7. Danigirl9697
Weekly Reminder

Leveling up:
Leveling up in support force grants you more permissions to post promotion content but also earns you the perks of that Rank!
Level up faster by Boosting your fellow creators, Supporting SF Official Streams, Watching for hidden Gift Codes and Taking part in Community Events!
Thank you all for being amazing each and every day with the Support!
Stay tuned for more Events, Community Fun and More! 
#SupportTheSupport #STS #SupFam

Warzone Quad Split Kill Race - Win $50

 PanicKode   24 May 2021 : 13:03

Warzone SP KR June 2021

Introducing the SF COD: Warzone Quad Split Kill Race Tournament

Date: June 3rd/2021
Signup: Solo Sign up
Prize: 1st - $50 , 2nd / 3rd - Exp Boost

Welcome Everyone to the Next Warzone Tournament, 
We will be competing in the head to head Kill race with other members of the community!
First Place will win $50!!!!!

What is Quad Split:
Quad Split is a head to head skill race in open lobbies, You que up in a squad of 4 but once you enter the game you will be going head to head in the battle field to race to the end to get the most kills.
the team with the most kills at the end of 2 games wins the round, They will move on to the next game and the losing team will be eliminated!
1) Play fair, no cheating or using 3rd party software
2) Players must submit a photo at the end of each round showing the leaderboard and current time/date
3) No Helping your Competitors. No reviving, no supporting with ammo or supplies, do no intervene in battles.
4) Do not Hinder or interfere with your competitors, no kill stealing, griefing, etc.
5) Kill Scores Still Count if Team is eliminated
How to Register:
To Register for the Event you must be in the discord server.
1) Please join the -> Discord <-
2) Visit the Event Registration Channel
3) Submit your Registration There
Contact Information:
PanicKode | SF CDO | -email-
RabbleRods | SF CEO | -email-

COTW Winner Week 21 - KiddyWhale

 PanicKode   24 May 2021 : 13:00

"Boom Boom NUKE!" - KiddyWhale

Recruitment Challenge Winners

First Place:

Getting Carried


Second Place:



Third Place:



Thank you so much for working hard to grow our community and being part of Support Force!
Go Show these Awesome members your support today and be sure to congratulate them in the Discord!

Support Day Newsletter Week 21

Happy Support Day!

Welcome Everyone to Support Day! Its been an awesome week and we have had some amazing streams this month! The Community has been so amazing with the support!
We have just a few things to let you all know about! Check them out!

Whats New?

Double Chatting Experience Coming Soon! May 29 & 30, get 2x The exp for chatting and saying hello to your friends in the Discord!

Warzone Kill Race Has been rescheduled for June 3 / 2021, More info Below.


Warzone Quads Kill Race
Support Force will be hosting a Call of Duty: Warzone Quads Killrace Competition!
First Place wins $50!!!!
Make sure to register today in the Discord!
More Details will be announced Tomarrow!

Support the Featured Member and Get 25% More Exp! That's right, If you support the Featured Member, no matter the platform you will get and extra 25% more Exp!

Support a Creator on the Featured Platform and Get Even More Exp! Our Current Featured Platform is: Twitter, All Support for any creator on Twitter earns an extra 25% Exp!


Remember Fam! Its Support Day, and the Official Support Force Twitter will be retweeting all of your content!! Remember to Tag @Sup_Force!

Thank you all for all the amazing Support this Week So Far! Have an amazing weekend and don’t forget to #Support The Support!

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COTW Winner Week 20 - Strong Boom

 PanicKode   17 May 2021 : 12:38

“you’ll just take a little bit of damage” Verdansk Ghost “hold my beer

Support StrongBoom Today: